6 months ago

Yoga Pose - The Rag Doll

The Rag restorative yoga poses Doll releases tension in the parts of your body where most people carry tension -- your neck and spine. It helps you relax and als read more...

7 months ago

Rep. Tim Ryan says meditation not only reduces his stress, it may help him work better with Trump, Republicans

Rep. Tim Ryan believes meditating not only helps him navigate through tumultuous political waters but that it can be useful for the country in these uncertain times.

"There's no better place to ... practice embracing uncertainty than in the read more...

9 months ago

Home Treatment For Yeast Infection

The Best Home Treatment For Yeast Infection In Women

A home treatment for yeast infection is one of the best ways to gain better health. I believe the best treatment is using natural ingredients. Your diet also plays a big role in controlli read more...

10 months ago

Yoga classes are offered free to veterans.


Central Mass Yoga Institute is offering free yoga classes for

combat veterans at 11 a.m. every Thursday at the institute, 45 Sterling

St., No. 28, West Boylston. All veterans are welcome; no preregistr read more...

10 months ago

Exercise & Meditation :: Yoga

Yoga, in Sanskrit, means, "to yoke together". This is translated to mean the union of individual self, the 'Atma,' with the universal self, the 'Paramatma.' There are different methods to achieve this union. When we say Yoga in the present-day con read more...

11 months ago

Meditation: Re-Wiring Your Brain for Happiness

A quiet explosion of new research indicating that meditation can physically change the brain in astonishing ways has started to push into mainstream.

Several studies suggest that these changes through meditation can make you happier, less s read more...

11 months ago

Mindfulness meditation melts away work-related stress

Work-related stress is reaching epidemic proportions in America. It has a negative effect on our health, our relationships and our lives. Studies have found that 30 to 40 percent of workers consider their job extremely stressful. Could mindfulnes read more...